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Female Life Size Hand with Acrylic nail

Female Life Size Hand with Acrylic nail

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great for jewelry display

This "BINIMOKOO Simulative Female Silicone Hands for Jewelry Ornament Displays and Nail Tattoo Practice" came to my feed and they looked so real so I pull the trigger. When they arrived, it did not disappoint.The hands look so natural and they can be used for jewelry display for rings or bracelets. The price is quite high but I think it is reasonable for business needs. (I would not recommend this for regular household use unless you want to prank someone. -_-! )For the quality of the texture and material, I would recommend it to whoever has the need for a hand model. Thanks for reading this review and I hope you find it helpful.

Almost too real

It was a bit a shock when I open the package as these hands look almost too real. They came wrapped in bubble wrap and with all fingers bent towards the palm, so unwrapping them felt almost like a scene out of a CSI episode. There is quite a bit of weight to them and the silicone skin is very soft and cool to the touch and the fingers bend in all kinds of positions so you can use it for a bunch of prop ideas. The nails have a pretty French manicure and they are attached well so if you want to use the hands to practice manicures, you may want to just glue them with putty on top of the ones that came with the hands so you don't ruin the whole thing by removing them...That almost seems like a scene from a horror movie when one pulls out someone nails...😲


I wanted to get a 2 pack but it wasn’t available. This hand is so realistic and absolutely incredible. I’ve already pranked my husband with it and I’m only just getting started. This is probably the coolest find I’ve ever gotten on Amazon!

One Reviewer
Life-Like but Very Slender Wrist and Fingers, Looks and Articulates Realistically, Great Details

First, these simulative female silicone hands are much more slender than normal hands (at least most Western hands), but certainly so realistic looking and feeling that it’s almost odd. The hands feel like they have bones in all of the right places that actual hands have and articulate as one expects hands to do. Of course, the fingers can bend in unnatural ways, which when they are not posed correctly, can look funny and painful.The coloring, creases, knuckle and wrist joints are so realistic. I like the French manicure on the fingernails as well. I make bracelets and wanted to use these for display, but will have to be creative in doing so as my bracelets are made for average Western-sized larger wrists.I had hoped to freak out my cat when I came at her with these, but she was totally chill and even let me “scratch” her fur with the fake hands. These do look quite realistic, just way more slender than most average female hands/wrists here in America.Upon receiving, I had set these on a table top and went about my day to finish up some chores and forgot about them whilst cleaning. An hour or two later, I glanced over at the table and they scared me, they appeared so real. I’m so impressed with the workmanship and realism of these silicone hands, so if one is looking for some, keep in mind that these are quite slender but made very well and life-like. Thanks for reading.

Need a helping Hand

This item came across my feed and I was very intrigued by it. The texture and detail are very life like. Comes with french manicure nails. Very nice weight and truly life size. It was a bit creepy, yet not really. I received the brown which IMO is similar to a nice sun tan. Fingers are flexible and will hold the shape. The nails seemed to be attached very well, but they are flexible in bending. It does feel like real skin. The skelton does a great job of holding positions, but isnt super strong meaning it will hold its shape very well, but would not hold a lot of weight. Sure product modeling, even stop animation. There are plenty of uses. Theres a hole in the arm and i am not sure if you could use that to attach to a base. Very interesting and lifelike product. If you are in the market, these seem to be a high quality product with great feel and detail

  • Package Include: A pair of Female Hands Mannequin With nails
  • Adjustable Steady Form: Installed with joints inside as real hands, can post to wear accessories as you like, both fingers and wrist joints can be arbitrarily bent.
  • Use the TPE environmental protection material, with realistic humanlike skin texture and touch.
  • Preferred for display or photography of accessaries such as jewelry, watch, manicure art etc, or as collectibles.
  • Handmade silicone hands, normally take 2-4 days to prepare, and it's inevitable to have some deviation in size or color.